RSA RCG Training Campbelltown RSL

Yes we have RSA and RCG Training Courses at Campbelltown RSL Club on a regular basis. Just up the road from Cambelltown Catholic Club.

Hospitality Courses P/L is a Registered Training Organisation with (ASQA) previously NSW VETAB. RTO ID: 91828. 

We are also approved by the Casino Liquor and Gaming Control Authority (CLGCA) which was previously know as the LAB - Liquor Admistration Board. 

We conduct Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) and Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG) for people wanting to work in NSW licenced venues. 

We conduct training around Sydney - including Campbelltown which takes in the Camden area. 

You do not have to be 18 to complete these courses. We accept people from 16yrs of age. Why wait until you are 18 to do the course - the courses are theory based so you can prepare youself for when you do turn 18. 

We do not expect any credit card payments - no payments in advance - you only pay at the end of the course if you pass. You don't pass - you don't pay a thing. You can still book via a credit card if you wan to.

We also accept employment agency bookings?

We can also come to you for the training if you have more than 10 students and an appropriate place to train.

Should you like more information on our courses or wish to make a booking go to 

RSA ONLY $125 RCG $90